A little something logo with a video to help express the emotion of it moving forward.  

Summer Is Begins
Humanity is what the world needs. Sometimes you need to tear down the old stuff so you can build for next generation.

Suzuri Shop
So I added some tshirt stuff to the Suzuri shop. If you like anything, support and get something. Get the app, and buy something! Shipping available worldwide. 


Blue Skies
With all the raining, Tokyo can be a challenge to in spring to get a chance at blue skies. Composition can be found in the most simple ways. 

Spiral Wedding Chapel
NAP architects designed this famous wedding chapel in Fukuyama. FCDO recently went there to meet with a shipbuilder. 

Exploring Suginami
Suginami-Ku has a rich intertwining set streets and a-joining parks that exist among residential neighborhoods. It makes the area full of energy and exuberance.


Tarihi The Traveller
– Wondering how we got so far from inspired/When photos with sepia tone and record players was something you would keep in your home/the traveller, the meaning was known/for the exemplary performance uniquely is own.

Time Is The Teacher
– Time is the teacher. Life is the lesson. Learning is the journey and I have so many questions. Is anybody reall worth of fame or is our life only worth whatwe purchase in our name,

Sunset In Spring
When the weather changes it feels nice to be out and watch the sun go down. Tokyo is always full of surprise.